About QwertyTown

Keyboarding is an essential component of literacy for today’s students.

QwertyTown is a modern keyboarding web app. It provides a safe, teacher-controlled environment where students can communicate with their classmates, teachers, and friends. While becoming fluent with a keyboard, students are learning how to interact in a digital environment. This environment prepares them with a fundamental skill set essential for academic and professional success in the 21st century.


Why should you use QwertyTown?
Students love QwertyTown because...Educators love QwertyTown because...Parents love QwertyTown because...
-Keyboarding lessons move at their pace

-They learn to type faster and more accurately

-They can chat with friends

-Building an Avatar is fun!

-They are rewarded for their successes
-They know how important keyboarding is today

-QwertyTown students excel at digital assignments

-They can control student communications

-It’s easy to track student progress

-Students are highly motivated
-It’s safe

-Their kids can log on at home

-It’s easy to see real results


More about QwertyTown Curriculum:
Benchmarks and Curriculum