Who we Are

On behalf of Second Nature Learning we welcome you to QwertyTown. We founded Second Nature Learning because we are educators who recognize the importance of technology and media in education. Fluent keyboarding is an essential component of literacy for today's students. 

QwertyTown was born out the realization that there was a glaring need for a keyboarding web app that provides an environment where students learn how to communicate on the Internet.

As educators and as parents, we are devoted to creating a safe and secure online learning environment for all citizens of QwertyTown. We take online safety very seriously. That’s why we give teachers and adminstrators the power to oversee and guide their students’ experiences in QwertyTown. We provide teachers with the tools to teach their students how to communicate online safely and respectfully.

We invite you to explore QwertyTown with our free trial subscription. And we’d love to hear from you, use the contact form to let us know what you think.

Have fun and we’ll see you around in QwertyTown.

Paul Garofano & David Grammerstorf
Co-Captains- Second Nature Learning