• Homepage

    The QwertyTown homepage is our public face. QwertyTown is web based and requires no installation. Updates will simply appear on the site with no inconvenience to users.  Any visitor to QwertyTown can explore some of the features in QwertyTown, read about our News & Updates and sign up for a free 30 day trial account.

  • The Dashboard

    Your QwertyTown dashboard is your home base. You can edit your avatar, communicate with other users and get a summary of your progress through lessons and level challenges.

  • Progress Widget

    Your Progress widget will keep track of where you are in QwertyTown and how well you’re doing in the lessons. QwertyCoins are earned as your typing gets better and faster.

  • The Lesson Player

    The lesson player is where students learn and practice their keyboarding. In each of the lessons students are engaged in a demo and guided practice where they learn correct hand positioning. In the independent practice portion of each lesson they can earn QwertyCoins, which they can spend on upgrading. Successful completion of a Level Challenge unlocks special communication features.

  • Profile Widget

    Your profile widget is where you can customize your avatar and update your status for other users to see.

  • Avatar Customizer

    Every student in QwertyTown has an avatar identity. As they succeed in lessons, students earn QwertyCoins with which they can enhance their avatars.

  • Chatterbox

    The Chatterbox is the communication hub. As students successfully move through the levels in QwertyTown, they will unlock the ability to see their classmates’ online status, avatars, and profiles, instant message, email and group chat with classmates and teachers.

  • Teacher Controls

    QwertyTown equips teachers, administrators, and parents with tools that make it easy to monitor users’ communications and overall experience. They have the ability to differentiate instruction by adding, removing, and customizing individual communication features such as instant messaging and emailing.

  • Student Reporting

    QwertyTown understands the importance of delivering detailed data about users’ performance in a fast and easy format. Teachers and administrator can access individual or whole class progress reports that indicate how students are performing and how active they are in the QwertyTown lessons.