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“Fabulous keyboarding lessons entice kids with social rewards,” were the introductory words in our recent review by Common Sense Media. The rest of the review spoke glowingly of QwertyTown’s “outstanding” design that teaches students keyboarding skills while allowing them to communicate with others in a safe environment. Common Sense Media also commended QwertyTown’s use of social rewards as incentive to keep learning. One of our favorite quotes was,

“QwertyTown is a delightful land that students will love exploring. The design is outstanding, games are reasonably fun, and even the kid actors who voice QwertyTown characters are excellent.”

Tech & Learning also reviewed QwertyTown  here. The highlights of their review include recognition for effectively incorporating motivational gaming elements, the program’s ease of use, the diversity of avatars, and customizable options for teachers to increase and decrease standards for lessons and levels. Also noted are the detailed reports teachers receive concerning student progress.

  • Overall, Tech & Learning reported the following top features:
  • Teaches keyboarding and essential digital communication and writing skills.
  • Allows for differentiation through customizable performance benchmarks.
  • Encourages students to retry short lessons to increase speed and accuracy.

See more on their website.

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